Where can I check for a new version?

We have a proposal for the Storage Nodes Operators - let's work together and keep our network up to date to offer a great service to our Customers!

Please, read this thread on the forum: Keeping your node up to date, changes to storage node software! PLEASE READ this thread!

Automatic updater

The best way is to Software Updates (for Docker) - this is not necessary with the Dashboard Windows version as it already has an automatic updater included, and the Linux version with similar capabilities is coming soon.

Community Forum

You can check for the latest version of storagenode on our forum: Storj Official Changelog.

Please always read the changelog whenever a new version comes out, as it may include important changes which could affect your node or your potential income.

You can subscribe to the changelog thead on the forum to be updated!

Other ways to check the version

You can also track our GitHub repo: Latest Releases and Docker Storage Node.

What other commands can I run?