Why are my payouts so low?

If you believe you should have gotten higher payouts, please run the earnings estimator and then compare each Satellite’s payouts to the amount you received in the transactions sent to your payout address for the month in question. Please wait to submit any support ticket until we have announced that all payouts have been completed for the month. Payouts are sent monthly, in the first two weeks after the month being paid is done. Please also consider that part of your payouts will be held back during the first nine months of operation, as explained here: How does held back amount work?

The bottom section of the earnings estimator shows the amount you can expect to receive immediately vs the amount held back, depending which stage you’re in (months 1-3, months 4-6, or months 7-9). If your Node has been running more than nine months already, you’ll receive the full payout with no held back amount.

Your payouts could also be low because your Node didn’t receive much traffic that month. Please note that we cannot guarantee a certain amount of data being constantly received by your Node, as real customers are uploading and downloading their files when they need to for their own purposes. This is not like cryptocurrency mining where if you provide a certain amount of bandwidth you would have the bandwidth completely saturated at all times. Make sure your Node has a good internet connection so it’s online 24/7 and is not failing audits, which could put it in containment mode (and not receive more data until it no longer fails audits).

Why am I not storing more data?