Why is the network not using all of my storage and bandwidth?

The quick answer is that your Node's reputation is still growing. The Node isn't yet storing stripes of frequently accessed pieces. Luckily for Storage Node Operators, we’ve optimized the network to provide the maximum amount of bandwidth allocation based on the operation of a single node in a bandwidth-constrained environment.

This means that running a single Node per location (where one location = a discrete network with a separate IP address and bandwidth/bandwidth cap) will yield the best results (highest reputation, most storage contracts from satellites, and most earned STORJ tokens) for Storage Node Operators.

Bandwidth volume measures how much storage can be uploaded and downloaded from a Storage Node. Upload bandwidth speed is critical to delivering data to developers, partners, and other companies/ individuals storing data on the network, with low latency. Fast upload bandwidth has the potential to greatly impact earnings for storage node operators.

Why are my payouts so low?