Reporting a Payment Problem

We use best-in-class partners for payment processing (Stripe for credit card payments and CoinPayments for STORJ utility token transactions). Still, sometimes unanticipated issues can arise.

If the issue is with a credit card payment, please start by submitting a support ticket through our Storj support portal. We will attempt to resolve the issue prior to escalating with Stripe.

If the issue is with a STORJ token transaction, you should first contact CoinPayments to confirm that your STORJ token transaction was received by CoinPayments. Once you have documentation from CoinPayments that the STORJ token transaction was processed, submit a support ticket through our support portal, including any documentation you have for the STORJ token transaction.

Please note that “Smart Contract" wallets such as Argent Wallet, Authereum and Gnosis are not compatible for making deposits of STORJ token via CoinPayments. Please only send your STORJ from a wallet that does not use a smart contract by default to send the tokens. Any problems arising from attempts to send STORJ deposits to CoinPayments via a “Smart Contract” wallet should be resolved by contacting

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