Storj Console

The Storj Console is the web interface for developers to interact with Storj

If you want to learn more about Developer Accounts, Projects, Access Grants, Buckets and how these architectural constructs relate and how they are used, check out the Key Architecture Constructs under Concepts.

The Storj Console is where you:

  1. Create Your Account

  2. Create and manage Projects

  3. View your Project Dashboard for summary data on usage, billing, and invoices.

  4. Use the Object Browser to drag and drop objects onto Storj through the browser, see the map of storage nodes storing the pieces of your file, and create sharable links to your objects.

  5. Create an Access to an Object the all-in-one bearer token for access management and encryption for configuring client tools and applications such as the CLI, developer library, self-hosted gateway, client apps like Rclone and FileZilla, or using the Storj-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway.

  6. Invite other developers to collaborate on your project, accessing Users in the dashboard.

  7. Manage your account and payment method, on Billing

The first step is to Create Your Account on a Satellite.

Requesting a Refund