Create Your Account

Choose a Satellite from one of the available metadata regions and register for a developer account.

The first step in creating your developer account on Storj is to select a Satellite. A Satellite is a set of hosted services that is responsible for a range of functions on the network, including the node discovery system, node address information caching, per-object metadata storage, storage node reputation management, billing data aggregation, storage node payment, data audit and repair, as well as user account and authorization management.

When selecting the Satellite for your project, you'll want to choose the geographic region where the majority of the end users of your service who will be interacting with the objects on Storj will be located.

Learn more about Satellite (Metadata Region) under Concepts.

To register for an Account, go to and choose Start for Free

Next, select your Satellite (Metadata Region) in this example, the Americas region:

Choose your account type - Personal if you're an individual with a smaller project

Or Professional if you are part of a business interested in leveraging Storj in an application or service

Fill out the form and sign up. You'll receive an email asking you to verify your email address:

Click confirm to verify your email, then log into the Satellite Admin Console with your username and password.