Set Up Uplink CLI with Access Grant

1. You need to have a satellite account and installed Uplink CLI as described in Uplink CLI Tutorial

2. Create an Access Grant and save it to a file. The Access Grant that you created in the web interface (or Create Access Grant in CLI) needs to be saved to disk in a plain text file for simplicity (for example - Mac terminal would not allow you to paste the whole access grant directly due terminal limitations). Specify the path to the saved access grant in the following command (~/Downloads/accessgrant.txt for example).

3. Import Access Grant.


For security reasons it's better to use a casual user to work from the CLI, thus please run PowerShell as a casual user, not as an Administrator.

Navigate to the directory your uplink.exe file is located (Check the FAQ for instructions):

./uplink.exe access import main accessgrant.txt
./uplink.exe access import main accessgrant.txt

Please note that Storj Labs does not know or store your encryption passphrase, so if you lose it, you will not be able to recover your files.

Your Uplink is configured and ready to use!

Create an Access Grant